It's a genuine pleasure to write this recommendation of Susana Goitia, whose guidance as an advisor for Waykana has been nothing short of transformative. Susana's extensive corporate background, combined with her deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape, provided us with a unique perspective that was critical in scaling our startup effectively. Susana has a special blend of skills that bridge the gap between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, making her insights incredibly valuable.
Working with Susie was an absolute pleasure, and I would hire her again hands down. What is unique about her skill set, is that she has the ability to be visionary, and inspiring, while at the same time, she can convert that vision into reality by articulating how to get there with an implementation plan. That clarity of mind combined with an ability to work well with people allowed her to lead engaged and effective teams to deliver results.
La energía y la pasión de Susana raras veces se encuentra en este mundo. Fue siempre un placer haber trabajado con Susana acompañándola y aprendiendo de ella su increíble manera de liderar a los equipos y los negocios que conduce. Fue un privilegio!
While working for me, Susie led a critical area within marketing to serve the Coca-cola franchises, influencing the strategies and plans across the brands' portfolio. She is an innate leader who inspires others and who can effectively influence people inside and outside the organization and across all levels of seniority. Net, a great asset for any company!
Susana's support was instrumental in our growth and development as we approached our last fundraising round. Her support was HUGE – she was not just an advisor but a trusted mentor whose contributions were deeply valued by our entire team. Any organization would be fortunate to have her insight and expertise. I fully recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their business strategy and execution to the next level!
Ejecutiva de alto desempeño con un balance óptimo entre estrategia y ejecución basada en un perfil único de talentos y liderazgo siempre apreciada por sus colaboradores.
Susana is an inspirational leader who excels in strategic thinking, totally committed to achieving the best results with focus on team productivity and wellbeing. It was a privilege working with her. Her human approach and genuine interes in people had a huge impact on my career. No doubt, Susana is one of the best leaders I have ever had.

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